View Full Version : Alright... the truth now...

08-06-2001, 02:12 PM
How many of you guys are heat transfer junkies???

How many of you have thought about, have accomplished or are now doing something like....

-creating an elaborate breeding tank for tropical fish etc.

-adding climate control to your outside dog house... not the one your wife sends you to when you come home late after being with your buddies testing the Profs micro brewery!

-are into building the ultimate elaborate home micro brewery system. You know exactly when the yeast is going to rise or fall and precisely how and when you can tweak the alcohol content.

-have calculated how much energy you need to produce for your home to be completely energy efficient.

-considered constructing your own biogas generator... (most of you have one around you just rarely look at it or pay attention to it unless it goes off!... out of sight out of mind huh!)

-have some freaking machine in your garage that nobody else knows what it is and are probably afraid to touch it because it looks like something that probably was smuggled out of the now closed AREA 51 Military Base.

-look to see if the technical terminology used on the old and new Star Trek shows and movies are actually real words. (FYI: they are, so now you can figure out a way to construct the first warp drive system if you are so inclined)

-what other weird science can we dabble in?

-thought in my mind as I type this.... an elaborate cascade type system to separate and harvest dangerous or destructive minerals and chemical contaminants from old and existing landfills... perhaps even precious metals? Does a system similar to this exist??? I know mining operations have been discussed... do they happen???

Come on... FESS UP! Everybody on this board is a junkie, so tell us your wild stories whether they worked or not... chances are you may at least save one of our lives! LOL!!!