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15-05-2001, 02:16 PM
My adult male American Bulldog earned his first working title a couple of weeks ago... he pulled 1250 pounds to get his WP1 title! I am hoping he breaks the world record within the next two years... he has to pull over 5088 pounds to do it... it will be hard training and long for him but I think he has the heart for it... he loves to pull weight! His current weight is 100 pounds and to achieve titles in weight pulling he must pull 12x, 18x, 23x and 30x his body weight on an IWPA regulation cart at an officiated event per contest regulations. So far he is doing excellent, he has only pulled at an event twice now.

He also earned his CGC (canine good citizen) certificate after passing a battery of 10 tests performed by the AKC. I was so happy, he did excellent... except he pissed on the tester's paperwork that she left lying on the ground... LOL!! :D She wasn't too upset... she made us go last so we had to stand there for over an hour waiting.

Also, just to let anybody that was wondering know... the male pup I had for sale has been sold. Thanks for the emails I got regarding him.