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29-04-2004, 06:52 PM
had a guy come in class this afternoon, from Yellow Jacket ? apparantly a big firm over in states, and steadily growing in europe. basically he was trying to flog his gear, some of which seemed ok like the super evac vac pump with the micron gauge built in and few other handy features, and the flare blocks and leak detection ultra violet light with the injector fluid seemed quite cool too.
anyone used any of this firms products and are they any good ?
but the main point that has been stuck in my head was the little conversation we had about future technology, ie he reckons within 5 years we wont be using manifold gauges and other stuff like that.
instead will go up to a system and attach an electronic piece of wizardry to the system, which will relay via bluetooth(or best thing at the time) to ur trusted smartfone/pocket pc/palm(whatever u got) and you'l be able to read the pressures/temps, analysis of the gas and other things that maybe of relevance.
now this is an area id LOVE to get into!
how about a program now not in the future, that u can have on ur pocket pc, that is like a comparitor ? but as its a prog it can be updated as new gasses come out, and can can have unlimited gasses in its database as opposed to a comparitor. and then if wana check things all u gotta do is put in the temp/pressures n hey presto...its worked it all out for u..
how about in the future, on big plants, a system where its all linked to a engineers laptop via wireless connection, and u can monitor all the runnings of it...and if a problem crops up it alerts you exactly where it is and what it is...ie fan belt playing up. or gas leak.
and how about an automatic leak repair system. something that can be added to the gas that if it leaks to normal atmosphere, it turns into a foamy type substance n hardens within minutes/seconds, sealing the leak in its tracks.
or how about an automatic coil cleaner ? or drain unblocker ? or tev adjuster according to varying ambients ?
hmmm most automated systems maybe the future but just realised...somewhere gotta keep the engineers in the loop !

29-04-2004, 07:24 PM
hi krups,
it nice to see someone so enthusiastic about refrigeration but unfortunatly its not all computers and blue tooth technology.

there is a lot of hard work in a cold frozen day on a roof or in a hot day in a plant room.

yellow jacket is big and well known american company and i find it hard to belive that they will stop making manifolds within 5 years.

automatic leak repair system, that will be the day!!

of course more and more controls are computerized today and you can monitor large systems through the internet and even swich your home ac unit with your mobile, but there is a lot of work that can only be done by hands work.

I'm not trying to put you off but not everything is painted pink out there.

keep up the spirit and come visit one year after you have started work, I'd like to hear your opinion then.

best of luck

chemi :)

29-04-2004, 08:49 PM
or how about an automatic coil cleaner ? or drain unblocker ? or tev adjuster according to varying ambients ?

Now that I like - com'on Prof - what about a TEV that varies with ambient :D

Most of the other stuff is already ongoing. Except the bluetooth :p

We visited the Interbuild at the NEC at the weekend and came across a company selling/promoting a digital gauge set. All of the common refrigerants were in the database on the gauge and you could look at superheats etc. The only problem came when I asked - " how do you use the same set of digital gauges for both HFC's and HCFC's and how do you stop cross contamination?" - the look on his face was a picture! :D

Keep studying Krups :)

29-04-2004, 10:49 PM
"there is a lot of hard work in a cold frozen day "

oh iv learnt that one! and doing it without even getting paid! whata sucker huh! outdoors freezing raining, n trying to install an ac condensing unit on a roof! n i didnt even have a jacket or hat or nowt, just my overalls.
i caught a cold within a few days, shocking that.
well if some doesnt invent the bluetooth thingy, i think il b calling up the patent office tomor lol n soon as im capable start on the idea!
if only i was 32 instead of 22 with 10yrs exp behind me!
yea i hear ya no doubt alot of things will be by hand, but technologies advancing so fast its hard to believe it wont happen, might be abit longer than 5 yrs, as the people that can invent this technology, are most probably ex engineers, and i doubt they'd wana put their fellow engineers out of work!

Karl Hofmann
30-04-2004, 12:36 AM
I don't know about blue tooth, but that dead rat that I fished out of a Hitachi condensing unit was definately green, perhaps his teeth were blue, I didn't look ;)