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01-03-2004, 07:11 AM
Hey guys,
first post :) Anyway, I have a new venture creation/engineering class and they require us to write a business plan based off a product we create. The long and skinny of it is that one product I wished to create was a low cost fridge for home consumers (24 cubic feet) for under 300 dollars. I was thinking of using thermoelectric modules in lieu of compressors. Can this even be done? What would you guys do? ANY input would be great! I need helP!!! :)

- A very grateful student!

01-03-2004, 08:56 PM
hi bob 212.

I'm affraid it will be very difficult.

if something works fine - dont touch it. (refrigerator)

thermoelectric modules are expensive and you still need all the other components like a fan, defrost timer, thermostat.

another problem you are facing, is getting rid of the heat,what did you have in mind?

I'm thinking that it will be hard to build it at your budget.

try first to get some information about thermoelectric modulesat: http://www.tetech.com/

after you collect the information, revalue your product and decide.

If you will need more help, we are here.

good luck.

chemi :)

02-05-2004, 07:54 PM
Hey,of course you can make it,but exstremely exspensive solution,
thermoelectric works guite fine with 1 module down to 2 degrees centigrade,
if you try 2-stage or 3-stage system you can easily get down to -30 centgr.
but the effience seems to be very low compared to other systems ,lets
say it in this way:you have 1,5 more input power than cooling capasity.
For higher power effiency yo`ll have to build a large switch-mode power
supply,typical for 1 module is 4 volts/3.5A=about 12w cooling capasity.
ex,for high temp use like aircondition it could be used,but as I said compared
to R410,Co2 it is a extreme ex*****ive ineffective solution yet,bit with
new materials in the module maybe
have nice day