View Full Version : CRAC(computer room ac) cost saving issue

15-04-2008, 08:22 AM
Hi dear sirs
As the information and communication industry develops fast, there're more CRAC needed. We know CRAC need whole year cooling and its high load is very energy consuming. Which ways the best for the energy saving operation? I know as follows:

1) Mechanical ventilation using outside air to CRAC and pull out hot air within, it's easy to do but need to deal with CRAC cleanness;
2) Using free-cooling tech(by cooling tower or drycooler while the ambient temperature is lower). It's more complexed and higher cost but no cleanness issue;
3) Displacement ventilation to reduce fan power consuming and get good CRAC temperature distribution
4) maybe others , I don't know.:o

I really hope anyone can teach me more about this.
Thanks in advance.

best regards