View Full Version : Got -80C portable 25L cooler?

11-04-2008, 12:21 AM
Global Cooling, sister company of Sunpower in Athens, OH recently demonstrated their portable cooler which uses a Stirling Cooler and a Carbon Dioxide heat pipe. We have the original at the university which uses a 40W cooler (one guy kept a turkey frozen in his car over a weekend and the car still had plenty of charge to turn over). The cooler they tested uses their 100W model (lifts 100W at 0C). Also they've been a great help as i am currently using their 100W model for my refrigeration CO2 heat pipe.

Exerpt from their website: globalcooling dot com

The latest version of Global Cooling's revolutionary new Ultra-Low temperature Freezer, The SC-UL25, was unveiled at the Pittcon 2008 show in New Orleans. The newest version has been upgraded with VIP insulation and an increased cargo volume. Now a 25L (0.9 cu ft) capacity with a low temperature capability of -92 degrees C vs. the original SC-UL20's 20L (0.7 cu ft) and -80 deg C capability and expanded foam insulation. This enhancement was accomplished without changing the exterior envelope or system mass. The current beta prototypes are undergoing final modifications and testing with product launch scheduled for Q4 2008. The new SC-UL25 provides precision temperature control, programmable rate cooling and an integrated heating element to provide not only the Worlds first truly portable Ultra-Low temperature freezer but also the Worlds first truly portable environment chamber capable of temperatures ranging from -92 deg. C to 110 deg C. The SC-UL25 requires only 12V DC 12.5A input power and uses less than 150W of power to maintain an internal temperature of -80 deg C in a 25 deg C environment. In fact, the new SC-UL25 can be powered by most standard cigarette lighter/Accessory ports available in modern automobiles. This puts the total power consumption of the SC-UL25 at an order of magnitude below the typical power consumption of small -80 deg C class freezers!