View Full Version : R134a / Water Heat Exchanger Sizing

31-03-2008, 07:34 AM
Hello everybody

This is my first post at these forums and I hope all goes well.

I'm in the design phase of a water chiller for my PC watercooling loop, which cools the CPU and chipset of my DFI motherboard, as well as the GPU's TEC waterblock (Swiftech MCW60-T).

I already have a condensing unit by danfoss (114G1705) with a TL3GXT2 compressor. The refrigerant is R134a. I have the PDF for this unit but I cannot upload it since it's 1.24Mb. I can PM it to anyone willing to help... :) I also have photos of the condensing unit if needed.

I need to design and manufacture a shell and tube HE to cool down the watercooling fluid (water) to 20 C. The pipes carrying the R134a will be copper and the shell of the HE will be stainless stell insulated with 13mm Armaflex. I estimate the total heat load from the various PC components to be around 500 Watts and the total volume of water to be 2 lt.

Any help will be mostly appreciated and thanks for your time.