View Full Version : ISAAC -who sells?

25-11-2007, 09:35 AM
ISAAC, (intermitent solar amonia absorption cooler),where are you? the solar ice co has a village sized amonia absorption unit that claims 1000 kilo of ice/day...that is 1/2 ton of a/c, right? the heat to seperate the water/amonia mix, (via selective distilation), into water and anhydrous amonia is from a solar trough. ok, so the btu in vs. cooling capacity out is not as good as vapour compressions Kw in cooling out, but if you are burning coal to get the kilowats to drive the compressor AND paying money to buy the kilowats, then efficiency be dammed. instead of ice chill some glycol and circulate. the unit size looks like a good fit for rooftop apps.(think thermosiphon-cold down, hot up). i am in vietnam, (nha trang) and would very much like to get a system like this up and running; start just sell ice for tourist trade, vendors here pay $1 US per kilo. eventually get more units and SOLAR AIR CONDITION a beachside smothie hut.

only problem is solar ice co is defunct or giving me the runaround ... but i have seen pics of these and read some about them on the sustainable village site. I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND ON THIS!!! HELP PLEASE?