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    paragon defrost timer

    Hi, not sure if this is the right plase to put this .My family,and I own a resturaunt.We have a 3 door traulsen freezer.the problem Im having is the defrost timer ,model 8141-00.The points are shot on it .I filed them down,and did get it working again ,but Im going to have to replace the timer.My question is can I use a differant model or do I need the same one.I found one At graingers for $176,but it is a 8141-20,also theres one on ebay,a 8102-3 ,looks the same as the one I have.Thanks for the help


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    Re: paragon defrost timer

    See if you can find the DTMV Frostking defrost timer by Grasslin. One model covers all of the different types of Paragon and they are usually a bit cheaper. I've had dozens installed and not a one has come back yet...

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    Re: paragon defrost timer

    Hi Scott,

    The model #s you gave are not quite the same over here in the UK, but we do see some similar ones.
    The Paragon timers are not so widely used these days as they are expensive (but they do last) and electronic controllers are cheaper and offer more solutions.

    Generally there are two types used for refrigeration, both with the facility of terminating the defrost time period early. One uses an electrical termination signal derived from either a thermostat or a pressure switch to operate a solenoid (81**), and the other has a built-in pressure sensing mechanism (82**). Both types can switch large currents.

    I've tried looking on the Invensys website but there appears to be no direct reference to this type of unit or use.

    If you are unable to determine the action of your timeswitch / circuit, then I would suggest calling in someone experienced in this field. It might be cheaper in the long run to replace the whole control system with an up-to-date electronic controller which would give you temperature display, alarm, data logging etc..
    In the mean time, you could use the timeswitch to operate contactors to switch the compressor and defrost heaters, thus taking the load away from the timeswitch contacts (points).

    regards, Adrian

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