Please, for my "Airwell (France) FLO410A12" with "GC12NRC" outdoor unit, can I get diagrams:
(1) Cooling Discharge pressure vs. Outdoor temp.
(2) Cooling Suction pressure vs. Outdoor temp.
(3) Cooling Indoor air temp. (delta T) vs. Outdoor air temp.
(( N.B.: split system, 12000 BTU, R410, links are 3m long ))

I bought some days ago Airweel air-con and I am not satisfied with performance. I complained, but after measuring the pressure (but not the outside temp.) the servicemen told me that the appliance is functioning well. Servicemen told me also that they are measuring only the absolute level of the pressure and that they haven't any relative diagrams. They have no possibility to trim the unit !?
When the unit is set to max cooling, the difference (between the) ingoing-outgoing temperature is low. The ambience gets cold after few hours of cooling !

I am aware of the Airwell quality and I would like to get maximum performance from airconditioning product.
Can you help me anyhow ? Or, I am wrong ...