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    Share your opinion with me

    Dear Friends,
    Please sharing your opinion with me.
    First look at my photo at below (I found this photo at internet). I do not talk about suction and discharge valves problem and my mention is not that.
    Sometimes when I open compressors I see that valve plates gasket of compressors inside red part I mentioned, Tears during compressor working.
    When I talk with others, Most of mechanics say this is as result of flooding and liquid during flooding tears this part of gasket. Do you agree with this ?

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    Re: Share your opinion with me

    Basically (so long as the head bolts are tight enough and nothing is warped) if there is too much pressure difference between the high and low side the gasket can fail.

    Had a system years ago which had too much oil in it and after changing the type of oil a load more oil returned from the evaporator, kept blowing the head gasket for about three days until the oil level stabilised.

    I guess liquid refrigerant returning from the evaporator could do the same thing, or if the head space filled with liquid during to off cycle (compressor colder than condenser when system off, check valve or discharge valves leaking) the liquid would not be able to flow out of the head quick enough and the gasket might be the weakest link.
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