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    Samsung RSA1RTPN

    Im after abit of advice for a friend of mine.

    I dont touch domestic as its more hassle than its worth, but for friends you kind of cant say no.

    basically, he has the Samsung RSA1RTPN fridge/freezer and he's had nothing but issues the last few weeks with it, he has had a white goods tech out to have a look who has since replaced the condenser fan motor twice and the inverter pcb as well.

    The issue is the unit doesnt seem to hold its temp, he noticed that the food was defrosting/thawing out in the freezer and the fridge seemed warmer than normal, when he felt the body of the unit he said it was heating up.

    The comp runs and the coils get cold but then the body gets hot and the coils get hot then the comp cuts out and he cant get it to run anymore.

    any tips or advice would be great, as i said i dont touch domestic which is why he got a white goods tech out first.

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    Re: Samsung RSA1RTPN

    I've seen something similar to this, caused by the main PCB not driving the condenser fan motor (low voltage DC). If the division between fridge and freezer (mullion where the magnetic door seals connect) gets unusually warm, check if the condenser fan is running or not, it should be if the compressor is. Other than that check for fluff blocking the airways underneath or the condenser itself.

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