Hi to you all.

Im located in Mexico, in the center of the country, (1Hrr for travel to the Industrial corridor of the country) and currently working in comercial and industrial refrigeration, I want to reach the USA big company's that work in here and for that matter I want to get a licence.

And for that matter I was making a research, I came across of RETA certification,
I have to paid the admission cost and the tests fees, Its seem very detailed, even have some licences for International users as do I.

I have no trouble in to travel to take test, in the USA.

In you experience, since you are in the States, it is the best option for me?

I cant take a months course on the states since I have my own busyness, but I can take ocasional travels to the states to make the examinations.

I will travel the next week, to the SF bay area.

Any toughs or observation will be welcome.