This is a question from an Canadian Exam

A water chiller operates with a 4.4C (40F) evaporator temperature, return water temperature of 10C (50F) and a 7.2C (45F) supply water temperature. The water flow rate is measured at 682.5 L/min (150 imp. gal./min). What is the cooling capacity?

A. 87 000 W / 300 000 Btu/h
B. 109 875 W / 375 000 Btu/h
C. 131 850 W / 450 000 Btu/h
D. 153 825 W / 525 000 Btu/h

I calculated via SI units: Q = (682.5 x 60) x 1 x 2.8 x1.16 (from cal to W) and gave in C which matches the best my answer (133 kW)
All the units in the question in SI are correct converted from the initial IP units. I checked this.

But my answer is apparently incorrect and they say that B is correct, 109 875 W / 375 000 Btu/h.

Their explanation.
Q= m.c.DT in Btu = 500 x 150 x 5 = 375.000 btu/h according to this link
and other links I found.

If I use on-line conversion tools to convert BTU/h to kW, then I get +/* 454.000 Btu/h

I think i Know where the pitfall is in this one.

Any help is appreciated.