Sanyo SPW-C0905DZH8 went off on p04 fault all 11 indoors had filters and coils totally blocked with no airflow across coil so gave all 11 units deep clean and outdoor coil clean.
Reset outdoor unit at isolator but fault is still there and the outdoor unit doesnít even try to start.
Rang Sanyo and they went through settings on an indoor controller for pressure switch and was reading 14 degrees which I am told is correct.
I then swapped the pressure switch with a unit that I knew works, reset indoors and outdoor units at power and still p04 comes up.
I remember working on a Sanyo system a few years ago with a reverse phase error and after correcting the fault it would not reset and had to jumper a plug but canít remember how I did it.
The Sanyo guy I spoke to was new and didnít know but Iím hoping someone here does as the customer wants answers and I canít give them.
Many thanks in advance.