Hi there, its has been a while since I post here, currently Im doing maintanance to several units from 5HP to 20HP, I normally make the leack test with nitrogen, and I buy a "high pressure" regulator, the low side dial is mark up to 500Psi, but sadly, the higer pressure come out of it is 250 to 260PSI since it was brand new.

The equiment uses a lot of refrigerant, and its very time consuming whait for 1hour or more to see if there is some leak, I was reading the forum and some pressure test are made even to 750Psi for 410A, not my case, I just want to reach a pressure higher than normal to avoid the waiting.

I was thinking on using some sort of "high pressure air compressor" to reach at least 450PSI.


they even come with a small water pump to cool down the head.

Anyone has done something like this?