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    Dynamic receiver

    What is the difference between a dynamic receiver and a liquid receiver.?

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    Re: Dynamic receiver

    A liquid reciever has two connections , an inlet , where condenser liquid enters the receiver and an outlet where the stored condensed liquid exits the receiver and enters the liquid line . In the receiver there is a vapour barrier between the liquid in and liquid out. So in theory there is no sub cooling to the liquid .
    In what you call a dynamic receiver which is often called a SURGE receiver , there is only one connection, a common inlet and outlet. . This receiver is connected to the main liquid line via a tee piece , the liquid from the condenser goes straight through the tee piece any excess liquid is then pushed into the receiver . The receiver has vapour pressure sitting on the top of the liquid in the receiver and acts like a pressurisation vessel in a heating system . So the liquid supply to the expansion valves is of a better quality as in theory it is still subcooled from the condenser. Often these receivers are fitted to problematic systems where erratic liquid supplies to the expansion valves have caused poor system operation . From experience they often do not improve the system operation because the problem simply lies with poor condenser fan control or site issues with the installation and erratic air patterns through the condenser
    Both types work but the surge type can give a more stable liquid supply when poor condenser control is the real problem

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