Dear friend,

I have some questions, about my case.
Now, i still analyze this case.
Problem definition is heat rejected from left and rigt side condenser have a big temperature gap .it should be same temperature,if the system with good condition.
Left condenser is the first joint with compressor discharge.
From DMAIC analysis, i have 2 vital factor that have to improve.
1. Bending capillary. This is related with the design. Of pipe arrangement. (Already improve)
2. Charging machine + refrigerant.

For number 2, can anyone help me to analyze, why when we charging the unit, the charging machine read the right value, the aging temperature unit is not achieved, right condenser is low temp, ampere is higher than normal. The repair is only re vacuum and re charging. Is this related with heat adsorb by liquid side and gas side of refrigerant?