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    Chiller condenser sensor set up

    Hi all,
    I'm working on a TRANE R-TUB 216, it is a chilled water system with a remote air cooled condenser. It uses temperature sensors to work out its saturated condensing temp, Saturated Evap Temp and Saturated Compressor temp.
    I've not come across this setup before and suspect the condenser temp sensor is in the wrong location resulting in a "low DP" (pressure difference between low and high side) fault. It is mounted on the liquid line directly exiting the condenser, this pipe temp does not convert to the SCT and is therefore giving a lower SCT readout that the actual SCT.
    I have confirmed with our supplier that this KIRBY condenser (WRC 493K) is a standard condenser without an additional subcooling coil.
    It seems to me a temp sensor measuring SCT would need to be mounted in the middle of the coil where the refrigerant is changing state, not at the end of the coil where some subcooling has all ready taken place. Has anyone worked on a similar setup before? Where should the sensor be mounted?
    Thanks for any input in advance.

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    Re: Chiller condenser sensor set up

    I’ve seen sensors mounted higher up on the return bends, or the liquid header, or pushed into the fins - probably no real drama to reposition it, especially if it gives a better indication of your real pressure
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