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    Ammonia CA Store Complex

    Hi Everyone

    I have a client who has just added 8 CA Stores to an existing 12 CA stores.

    Ammonia was added to the plant to accomodate the new CA store.

    There are currently Danfoss ICS solenoid valves with NC Danfoss EVM's.

    the EVMS on the pump liquid and the suction solenoid valves are continuosly jamming causing the solenoid valve to remain open. When the EVM is opened there is a waxy substance that is causing the plunger to remain in an open position. This substance dissolves in your hand.

    This problem was localised to the 8 new rooms but has since affected affected the remaining rooms that are all operating with the ICS solenoid valves. The older rooms which have Danfoss PM valves are not affected even though they are all using Danfoss NC EVM's.

    I have run a test on one room by switching out the Danfoss EVM with a Hansen MS Module to eradicate the posibility of the Danfoss products being at fault.

    I suspect there has been some contamination in the system, there have been very fine strainers added at various points to filter out any unwanted materials but these are always clean.

    I have tested the ammonia for any water content and sent all compressor oil samples for testing, all of these came back with no indication of moisture in the refrigeration plant.

    I have attached a picture of the substance. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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