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    Cold Storage Design

    Good day Everyone,

    Our company, based in Philippines will be putting up a cold storage facility with blast freezer. We will be using a 6 high double deep racking system for all 12 cold rooms and a total of 6000 pallet positions. For this project, we have hired experienced consultant to help us deliver a state of the art facility. In line with this, may I ask if you could provide some suggestions or opinions in relation to the topics mentioned below:

    1. Evaporative Condenser - Decsa (italy made) or Snowkey (china made)?

    2. Jamison Air Doors - instead of using High Speed Roll Up doors in between loading bay and ante room. Will this be a good choice to invest in?

    3. LED lighting - is there are any recommended brand for the lighting and what is the usual rating of LED lighting per area (square meter)?

    4. WMS - is anyone familiar with the WMS offered by SSI Schaefer? in the industry is it still Oracle and SAP that is most commonly used?

    5. Theft Solutions - aside from using RFID, is there any other way we can solve stealing issue?

    6. Material Handling Equipment - Crown, Toyota, others?

    For the panels, we have decided to use PIR from Denmark. For the compressor, we chose Frick from USA. For the evaporator, we chose Thermofin from Germany. and For the refrigeration system, we will be using a 2 stage NH3 system.

    Thank you and Hoping to hear your opinions. [/LEFT][/LEFT]

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    Re: Cold Storage Design


    You have consulate ..

    Ask them to give you good advise

    what are you going to freeze and how much is that

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