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Thread: Pressure drop

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    Pressure drop

    How are you?

    I have absolutely stupid question, but I'll appreciate you for your assistance.

    I faced the problem. I am going to design some valves like solenoid valves or some pressure regulators and all instructions say I have to design according to the pressure drop across the valve. How this pressure drop should be calculated?

    For example, I have a system (R717) with an anhydrator (8TR). I need to calculate solenoid valve on the line from the anhydrator to HP receiver. What the pressure drop?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Pressure drop

    I think that you are looking at this subject back to front.

    Valves and other components have a kvs or pressure drop across as stated by the manufacturer. That kvs value is used to calculate your system pressure drop allowing for the pipework and fittings installed.

    If you need a specific pressure drop across a component then you use the appropriate sized item.

    If you utilise the laws of physics then you should be able to calculate the kvs value of your component, if not then a test rig could be built to test your designs.

    Check also Sporlan document 30-10 for solenoid valve sizing.
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