I have a fridge and freezer. Fridge unit replaced a couple of years ago. Now Freezer seems to be giving up the ghost. The freezer is running but not getting sufficiently cold. Northland seems to have become a bit ghost like as well. I have called a lot of HVAC service companies, but found no one in a relatively wide area who will simply replace a compressor. It would appear times have changed to the popular "if it breaks; get a new one" mode. I have seen offers for a working refrigeration unit at $4000. And the compressor is all that is likely to need replacement. I already have a spare assembly for the refrigerator. It just needs the compressor.

I posted last year about this.

I am trying again to see if there might be better compressors to replace the Northland compressors. These things have been really really annoying over the last 12 years. They sound like threshing machines. They echo through the whole house. I need to keep two solid core doors between the kitchen and my bed to allow me to sleep. Having to buy a whole unit to replace a compressor is just silly. The entire unit lifts off the top or the cabinet, and taking out a few screws exposes everything. Different cabinets are unacceptable to she-who-must-be-obeyed.

The compressors they use are a standard product. I don't remember (and can't find where I wrote it down) the name of the manufacturer, but the part numbers were NM11B 060803-10 and NM13A 060809-08. They use R-134. The condensers seem to be identical. From the run time vs ambient, it would seem to make more sense to put the NM11B in both machines.

Maybe if I get a compressor, someone will install it.

The point- source of a better (quieter) compressor. A technician with the tools and skills around Anacortes WA (98221).