I'm the proud, adoptive owner of an E Series Beverage Aire refrigerator. She looks good but that is about as far as she goes. I don't have any refrigerator repair experience but enough automotive to at least know this isn't a car. What I know about this unit. At some point the compressor was replace with an Embraco 30-FF8.5HBK, R134 compressor with a single charging port. (No high side port???). I don't think it was ever properly evacuated before being charged. I believe it has been charged with HOTShot2 and R134a. At compressor start up it runs for just a few seconds then shuts down. I suspect a blockage somewhere. I'd like to flush the system make sure there is no debris from a possible compressor failure or other unknowns. The two expansion bulbs, do they need to be replaced? What is the correct terminology for each? Is this the same as a receiver\dryer in the auto world? I weld, braze, solder so I'm not worried about getting good clean connections. I'm sure I've left out a lot of the details you need, so let me know what questions I've caused.
thank you