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    International WWW limited search engine access

    We have quite a few members who, at times, exasperate me and others with questions that could quite easily be answered by a quick search of the internet using the likes of Google (there are others, I know).

    We in the more open and ''democratic" areas of the world sometimes forget that not everyone has access to the full range of services available on the world wide web.

    I was checking what was available in Iran tonight and see that apart from the limitations from their own government the authorities in the USA have limited the use of Google there as well. If they are allowed to use a search engine then it might be two days before they are allowed to see the results.

    I have only referred to one country here which is not my native United Kingdom but I'm sure that there are plenty of others.

    So what I'm saying really is that I apologise to those that have got a short answer from me on my bad days and maybe ask the lucky ones on here to also cut a little slack now and then.
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    Re: International WWW limited search engine access

    Interesting comments Brian.
    Was not aware of the situation in Iran.
    Fortunately I did hold it together on my last post.
    Apologies to the other member if he took offence at my comment "Let's try to put this one to bed"
    Easy to forget the freedoms we have.

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