Woa, just seen how many deleted threads are in this section!
You mods have been doing well because I normally go to the 'What's New' link and they were deleted already so good work fella's.

Anyway, a post here which is perhaps against the rules but just trying to help someone out.

The customers story goes something like this.
Broken air to water domestic heat pump. Carrier model but rebadged as Kingspan, runs a bit then conks out, been quoted 1,000 to supply and replace PCB, but not guaranteed this is the fix.
Lady is looking for someone to replace with a more popular model and to take on the repairs should it ever pack up or perhaps fix up this one if you can be sure of the fault (PCB, inverter, bit of a tough call I know). Carrier don't want to give out any info other than send one of their guys at 1000/day, Kingspan about as much use as a one legged man in an ar.se kicking contest.
Not seen it myself and not something we would get involved with ourselves normally and it's a bit too far away for us to take a little peek but said I'd try and find someone who might fancy it.
Customer is in Liss, near Petersfield.

Is there any companies I can suggest who would look after her?