Hi all hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and are now well rested.

I've been recently called out to look at a display refrigerator which wasn't cooling. On inspection it was found that the system had lost all of its refrigerant charge. Following a pressure/leak check a 0.2bar pressure loss was recorded over a 24hour period at 25 bar test pressure. Attempts to find the leak have failed and so the customer has asked if I could regas the system just this once due to how small the leak is and if they put plans in place to change the system within a 12 month time period. I say asked they begged as they have no way of keeping their salad chilled and cannot afford a replacement. Having done a little work in the US I know there is allowable losses/ trigger rates meaning systems with small leaks can be charged. However does this apply in the UK? or must I condemn the system.

All advice welcome

Cheers Dave