Dear friends,
I have simple question about subcooling I can not understand.

In sources I see that condensers splitting in 3 section. De superheater/Condenser/Subcooler.
It means above of air-cooled condenser refrigerant de-superheates, at middle condenses and at bottom subcools.

Now we have R22 and weather is 45C and we have big condenser with Delta T = 5C. it means condensing temperature would be 45+5=50C and condenser pressure would be 320 PSI.

Liquid subcooling means that liquid temperature at outlet of condenser must be lower than 50C. For example if outlet temperature of liquid at condenser/receiver be 44C it means we have 50-44 = 6C subcooling.

Even we use very big air-cooled condenser twice we can not make liquid line temperature same as weather. It means also with very big condenser when we touch liquid line it is a little warmer than weather temperature (because condenser has delta T).

Now what is a meaning of subcooling here ??? Even by increasing condenser surface we can not change liquid temperature lower than weather temperature !

Sincerely yours.