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    How to calculate properly massflow of water with a given air humidity and velocity?


    Lets say there is an airflow
    its velocity : 0.59 m/s
    area of flow : 0.13m^2
    volume flow : 0.077m3/s
    relative humidity measured : 33.5 %
    temp : 22 C

    I could calculate mass "mixing" ratio of the air:
    X= 1g(h2o)/180g(dry air)
    formula i found here on page 10.

    I could also calculate "absolute humidity" with the formula on page 12 :
    AH=6.3 g/m3

    So the question is : Which should i use in calculation of water mass flow? (kgwater/h)
    mass flow equation is : m=ϱ*A*v

    the AH has the same unit as ϱ. Calculating as m=AH*A*v , i get 1.76 kg/h, which seems legit.

    But is there a way to calculate "m" from that mixing ratio?
    like i tried putting the X in the equation like m=ϱwater*X*A*v , but got very bad results.

    Thanks for help!
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