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    Samsung AC indoor unit MH035FPEA is turning on and off automatically

    My Samsung AC indoor unit is turning on and off automatically all the time, without any apparent reason and without giving any error.
    Other indoor units are working ok but because this is a multi-split installation and I cannot disconnect this unit independently I had to turn off the entire AC power.
    Here's a video showing the unit turning on and off automatically:

    The indoor unit model is Samsung MH035FPEA.

    I would appreciate if someone can give some advise how to proceed.

    I would expect there should be a way to reset the interior unit using the remote control.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Samsung AC indoor unit MH035FPEA is turning on and off automatically

    First thing to check is that it isn't due to interference, cover the IR sensor (translucent bit on the underside of your unit) and see if the issue continues.

    If that didn't solve it, have you got any central time switches or other interfaces connected to your system? WiFi control?
    (Samsung units can be fitted with an interface card, for example to start/stop the unit as doors are opened or to operate them via a central on/off switch or time clock. A poor connection in a connector there could cause similar issues to what's on your video)

    It is also worth opening the cover on the outdoor unit, there you will see 2 small displays side by side scrolling through the addresses of the indoor units it can "talk" to. Can it see as many indoor units as you got installed?
    Also, after you looked at what units it can see, below those screens are 4 buttons, press and hold the one marked K3 for 5 seconds. This is the global reset and the system will start by itself after a couple of minutes.

    If none of the above helps then it is time to call your installers back in, or your friendly AC engineer... should also be able to help.

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