Hello guys,

I`m new to the Forum. Sorry if I`m not posting this topic in the right place.

I`m writing here to ask for your advice. Originally I`m from Bulgaria, where I worked as an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician for year and a half, dealing with splits, VRVs, VRFs. I came here in England (Bristol) before few months, currently I`m working in the Hospitality sector, I had to find some job to start with. But I`m really looking forward moving back to the Air Conditioning. As I started looking at the adverts about the jobs, I noticed that they want a lot of qualifications. Back home nobody wanted me to have any of those, so I`ll have to take them. Can you please give me an advice where and what courses should I start with? Do you think that I have a chance finding someone to hire me even without qualification just with experience and then to get them in time or I should start with them?

Thank you for your time,
Kind regards
V. Vasev