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    ACRIB says 2079-11 cat 1 doesn't mean anything!?

    Hi guys I'm new to this site so firstly thanks for stopping by 

    I am now almost 40 years old and have been a refrigeration engineer since i began my training at 21 years of age with a commercial catering company based in london (I'm in the uk)

    After a year of being with another engineer 12-16 hours a day i was sent to complete an accredited intensive course under martin hook who was well known then before he retired.

    I know my company paid around 2000 for that course and it was intended to get me fully qualified and complete my apprenticeship.

    In 2012 through the 2nd company i worked for i completed my 2079-11 cat 1 and hydrocarbons course, the certificate states clearly the applicant is qualified to install, leak test, service and maintain equipment.

    Recently i have began to consider my future and decided to re register with acrib and obtain an up to date skills card.

    Since the contacts in the hvac-r company i now work at are major ones i felt it would add to customer confidence and overall professionalism.

    I sent them my up to date fgas training certificate and was to all intensive purposes told this did not make me a refrigeration engineer and neither did my experience over the last 19 years.

    Ironically they would consider a completely inexperienced college leaver as a qualified engineer - and yet when i left college i was laughed at by the experienced engineers and told i was uselss.

    They were of course correct it took me some years before i became proficient at my job

    When i heard about the fgas course back then we were told it was to make sure the engineers in the industry were competent at their jobs.

    It would seem that it actually means little more than a safe handling card and as acrib inform me that apprenticeships now account for nothing i can only wonder what the point is of busting my back side every single day to do my job properly and keep customers happy...

    When all the industry now really cares about is a course certificate you did not long after your a levels and gcses.

    No offence guys but after 5 years of completing a course it's more or less worthless - i think i may as well stack shelves in a supermarket chances are I'd get paid better and be treated with some kind of respect for the time i spent there...

    Sorry acrib but you really are losing the plot completely.
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