So I occasionally visit a cabin in the boonies which doesn't have electricity. I use a Honda 1 kva inverter genset and though it works well, it obviously cant power an AC.

So I have one of these units lying spare:

Its a few years old but works alright. I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the motor and run it directly off an engine? I'm assuming the rest of the parts would run okay off my 1kva gen.

As it so happens, I also have another 1.5kva generator whose alternator is busted but the engine is still good. So if this could work I'd save a lot of money...

I inquired about a generator which could power my AC directly but the guy at the shop said due to 'compressor surge' of the AC I'd need at least a 5kva unit which costs several grand :/.
So is this doable? Practical? Any other advice?