My father in law's car is not engaging the AC compressor clutch.Without checking anything, he suspects that all the refrigerant has leaked away,thus preventing the pressure switch to close the clutch circuit.That is just an assumption,we've not checked anything yet (we are pretty busy),but theoriticaly,if that is the problem,this arises the question about how much oil i must add to the system?.I assume that together with the refrigerant,some oil is also leaking out ,so it must be added later,when recharging the system,but how do i know how much i need to put back in?
As far as i know ,the oil in the compressor's sump is lubricating the bearings and etc. in the compressor's body,and only a small quantity is circulating in the system with the refrigerant,so only a small quantity must be added when charging system,but how much?
Thanks in advance