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    Two process refrigeration systems working together and load control?

    We are planning to install a second refrigeration plant. It will work with the other one, sharing the same vapor, liquid and hot gas lines. It is a propane refrigerant system. Has anyone worked or is working on a similar system? What are some of the things to note? I can not find much info
    through process books. The part I'm trying to work through is the controls. One system is three centrifugal compressors the other system will be two screw 1600 hp. They'll be two hundred meters apart, with the chilling trains between. The new system will have all the vessels and condensers of its own. So far as control, on suction pressure or one base load and the other swing. Caution or question, is receiver levels balance? There is no hot gas BP around the CW condenser, or will be. On thing I have found out is our new receiver pressure will be 1300-1400 kPag (winter-summer).
    For simplicity I only put down two chillers. The duty in the existing system is 4500KW @-15, which does fluctuate in the summer and winter. The new addition it will
    change to 10000KW @-25.
    Thank you,
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