With the closure of Space Air a large Daikin supplier we can see the after affects of the air conditioning companies greed. Space was one of the company that promoted and took the Daikin VRV technology and made it one of the top two brands in the UK.

Being independent you are at the wims of the supplier and when Daikin followed all the other manufacturers to sell to every Tom, **** & harry. The writing was on the wall.

We could all look back in hindsight and say we would have sold to Daikin when they made the offers for the company, but being an owner and working to build a great company you can also understand the reluctance to sell what you built to a megalith! as J&E Hall etc etc all did.

So my feelings still are support the little guys in your area, we all just trying to make a living and you will find that their great customer service, local knowledge and personal relationships is worth those couple of pennies you save buying direct from that faceless global beast who could not care if you fail as they will just look for the next supply chain route to market.