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    " Penny for your Thoughts!" It made me smile.

    Hi Guys.
    A large freezer Store we look after has 6 large coolers ceiling mounted above the racking / freezer store floor space.
    These coolers are accessed through doors at almost ceiling height so you are about 7.75 meters above the floor. (8095.6 sq Meters floor area.) It's big!

    Anyway as a consequence and ever mindful of Health and Safety. I advised one of my newer colleagues to adopt a little safety option that I adopt.
    Which is!
    When opening the large cooler end panels which are hinged like doors. With rotary locks which have a large screwdriver slot in them. Use as small a coin that you have in your pocket to open the doors.
    Ie. A 1 pence or 2 pence coin. If you are feeling rich a 20p coin!
    My reason being if you drop one of these and it were to hit any of the cold store staff below.
    It may give them a shock, but it's doubtful it would physically harm them.

    So over the last few weeks we have had random issues where we have needed to manually defrost the coolers and their drain trays. With small amounts of water falling on the floor below.
    Which site staff quickly clear (Chip away the ice and sweep it up.) because of the relevant trips and slips hazard.

    Move forward to last Monday where one of my newer colleagues was manually defrosting a drainline on one of the coolers. Which as the drainline thawed out it started to drip.
    Site staff see yet another drip from one of the coolers and start to clear it up.
    Colleague walks into the cooler from the gantry on the outside of the cooler door.
    Sees the guys below chipping the Ice,

    Proceeds to open the cooler door to check the drain flow and drops his 2p!

    The 2p coin falls to the ground within a foot of guy cleaning below!
    Guy sees 2p and looks around (He does not look up!) Sees no-one and pockets the coin!
    Colleague Says nothing and exits the cooler.
    Wednesday I am onsite with Said colleague who tells me the story of the 2p.
    Later that day I go and see the Store Duty manager Just to check whether they had any isues etc.
    Yes He says!
    We are still getting random leaks from various coolers and are having to clear up the ice!
    Smiling. I ask "Was the last time Monday?"
    "Did the Guy clearing the Ice find a 2p coin?"
    "Yes! It was Me. How do you know about the 2p?"

    "Because my colleague dropped it from above!

    It transpires that 1 of the duty Managers and a colleague had cleaned up what they thought was yet another leak from above.
    Where upon I explained "We" had caused it , identified a leaking threaded joint and repaired the joint all unbeknown to them!

    He embarrassingly explained that He thought the other guy was messing around and had thrown the coin at him!
    The other guy thought he had just found the coin!

    Sorry a bit long winded I know.
    But it still makes me smile now!
    And it is still a Practical and safer option than a large screwdriver.
    Personally they would of only gotten a 1P from Me!


    Despite the High Cost of Living it still remains Popular!

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    Re: " Penny for your Thoughts!" It made me smile.

    Hi Grizzly.
    the terminal velocity of a coin could be seriously sore on the head, after 7 plus meters that H&S factor.
    Hopefully the staff below had hard hats on. Funny at the time, did you write a hazard report?. Notifying clients staff of potential hazard while servicing defrost of coils.
    That is how stupid the HS situation has got here anyway.

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