Hi guys,
Iím Not a Domestic Tech
I am Trying to fix my aunts fridge, its a Kelvinator CS344f-r. single door fridge cyclic defrost.
The original thermostat was a Danfoss 077B6073.
I have Ranco service thermostats available.
The first Ranco I tried was a VT9. I didnít hook up the defrost heater (again not a Domestic Tech) but it seemed to run way too cold and froze everything even at the warmest setting. I am starting to suspect that if I had of hooked up the defrost heater it may have been Ok.
The second thermostat I tried was a VC1 It seems to operate in the correct temperature range (and I connected the heater back in so it operates in the off cycle) but it doesn't allow the plate to get warm enough to melt the ice off the plate before restarting the compressor.
Out of frustration I am close to just ordering a Danfoss thermostat from ebay.
Can some one confirm the correct Ranco thermostat required. Did I have it right in the first place with the VT9