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    Lg mini split error 26

    New to the site. Hope I'm posting in right place. Have a ls360hv2 system . Compressor spins up smooth then 5 seconds in its starts to jump around. Ends up with code 26. I'm thinking maybe PCB. But hate to spend 300$ on one if it's not the problem.

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    Re: Lg mini split error 26

    26 Inverter compressor seized. Check compressor windings all equal resistance 1 to 4 Ohms, check to earth 50 MOhm minimum, check run current and Inverter outputs

    This fault indicates a problem with the positioning system of the inverter compressor, which indicates a seized
    compressor. Firstly check the compressor is correctly connected. Next reset the power supply to the system ensuring the
    power is left off for 5 minutes. Start the unit up, after a couple of minutes the compressor will try and start, you
    can hear a high pitched whine when it does. If the compressor does not start turning within a couple of
    seconds the whining will stop. The compressor will try to start 3 times then the fault will recur.

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