Hi Guys,

i'm going to install a freezer room on my Central Kitchen.
and the place is under renovation right now.

I need insights here guys, because i dont know wether my Freezer Room Contractor give the right equipments or not

here are the details of my kitchen activity:
Central Kitchen for making Chinese Dough "YouTiao" and "Butterfly Bun"

The Central Kitchen will have these steps:
3.Storing (Freezer Room)
4.Defrost - ing
6.Packaging or Selling

Here is the floor plan if you want to see (on attachemtn XDL_1st)
so the situation here, the room will be between mixing room and frying room (don't worry the frying room will have decent exhaust and ducting for the air flow).

Here are the items that im going to put on the freezer room:
2.Dough degree around 15-25c
3.Dough expected to be -5 c
4.Cooling down time 1-2 days no problem
5.will be put on a tray (there's hole on the tray on each side) 1 tower of tray approx 158 kg (22 trays)
6.room will be expected on 1st year of production 6000 KG
7. dough will be put one by one.

Here are the specs that my contractor give to me:

1.Insulation Pannel 100mm, plate color bond 0,5 mm inside & outside
2.Density 42 kg / m3
3.2 swing doors
4.flooring - PU panel
5.compressor - Bitzer 3 HP
6.Evaporator Muller
7.Price USD 15.254 exclude tax 10%

others also offer me to use 4hp Copeland Fully hermetic (ZXL040E-TFD) and 5hp COPELAND.

so what do you guys think,
should i use the 3 HP ? because this freezer room will effects to my COGS per product..
also the room is around 29-30 degree C.