Hi all. I'm a bit of a lurker on this forum. I love reading posts, but never say anything. I want to change that, though, because I'd love to hear your input and ideas on a controlled ambient chamber.

So, say you have an enclosed and insulated box/room. Said box needs to stay somewhere in the neighborhood of a miserable summer day. High temp. High humidity. Equipment in the room is throwing out say 30,000 BTU/hr. If you install a typical HVAC system on the room, you condense out a boatload of water and have to pump it right back in to maintain that high humidity. To avoid that, you can up the airflow, but now you're not using a standard evap system, because off the shelf HVAC stuff sticks to the 400cfm/ton rule. Is there any industry out there that uses higher cfm at that high of an evap temp? Any way to make this work with off the shelf bit parts? Walk-in coolers seem to be kept at a high humidity, but with obviously lower temps. Is it not worth the thought and you just keep pumping water back in? Anyone have any experience with anything similar? Am I making any sense?