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    Re: Mitsubishi Electric Not Heating

    Hi there, sorry to pop up like this in the pro worl but i am feeling really frustrated and disappointed on the efficiency of my vrf mitsubishi sustem!
    I own a 3 year old house in which i paid a respectfull smound of money to install a vrv mitsubishi system. I ended up with no sufficient heating in the bedrooms and office room. The kitchen and living/dining room are ok but i think this is due to the fact that they installed 3 units in the area. After a three year period the tecs from the company came up with the idea of changing the place of the return grill under the unit. In the biggest bedroom they installed a 24 btu unit which they upgrated to a 30 one and ever since the hot air is even less sufficient! They insist on the fact that the computer shows perfect results for the heating efficiency of the units but what i know for a fact is that i am cold in every single room. Could you help md out here please?

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    Re: Mitsubishi Electric Not Heating

    Can you post model numbers of the outdoor unit and all the indoor fan coils attached to it?
    What size are the rooms that don't achieve good temperatures and what size fan coils are installed in them?
    Although the house is 3 years old is it insulated properly?
    I'm back on the Pale

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