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    Maintenance Contract

    Hi Guys

    I have been running my own company now for 4 years and have built it up to a stage where i have 5 cars on the road and full time Office staff. The biggest issue i have is that my business like many our yours i assume is very very seasonal. Any of the profits we make over summer just get eaten up with the tradesmen standing around with nothing to do for the other months of the year. So we really need to get into Maintenance work during those periods.

    My question is . How do maintenance contracts work?? I understand you will offer them a reduced rate to service there aircons twice a year in the off season, but what about callouts over summer do you still charge for this and to what degree??

    If anybody has a copy of a maintenance contract they could send me i would be forever grateful. I am in western Australia so there will be no conflict of interest especially to anyone overseas.


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    Re: Maintenance Contract

    I don't have a copy of a contract to give you, well, since ours are in Norwegian

    I can however, give you the outline of the "maintenance/service" contracts we are using.

    1. we "the company" is in no way responsible for any unforeseen downtime of the system <--- alpha and omega (don't take on a contract where you make yourself responsible for a system).

    2. We the company take upon our self the responsibility to survey the agreed upon system and give recommendations for necessary maintenance, it is however your responsibility as owner of the system to order said maintenance from us or any other company.

    3. we do not take responsibility for any work done on the system other than what has been done by "our company"

    3.As part of our service agreement, we will perform general maintenance duties such as (on NH3 systems) draining oil from the system and maintaining a satisfactory oil level on the compressor.
    -Oil filter changes will be performed as necessary (customer pays the cost of the filter, labor is charged by the hour, maximum 4 hours for a filter change)

    4.We will also maintain a log, that is kept om site for you to use, where we log all compressor pressure and temperatures on each visit.

    5. Once each year, or depending on regulations, we will perform a test of all safety equipment on the system, including all pressure switches, temperature limits om the compressor etc etc. we will perform these tests at a time when it is convenient for you.

    6. Depending on regulations, we will also at set intervals advise you to replace/check your safety valves.

    those are some of the points we have in our "service contracts"

    We charge about AUD 5000 for a contract where we come onsite once a week and spend 1 hour to look over the system and make sure it's ready for another week of running, if we see anything out of step, we put it in a report that i sent to the owner where we "recommend actions taken to prevent downtime" and the owner has to act upon that report

    If the client signs a contract for a year, we give them 10% discount on hours spent to fix problems mentioned in the report and 15% on parts purchased.

    The most important thing to put in your contract is that you are in no way responsible for any downtime they experience



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