Hi all;

I have one or the other of the above Ecodan Air sourced heat pump controllers.
Main issue is that when heating target temperature is higher than the actual temp, and with the heating timer set to continually being on, ie 24/7, the heating status indicator is stuck on the "pause" icon. Obviously, this means the heating is not working.
I only noticed this due to a change in weather, since we've had a warm summer by UK standards, so had the thermostat set to around 15 degrees C, to stop it coming on. I realise that it should probably be left alone, as it wouldn't have come on anyway, if the weather is hot... but I added some margin due to the 'stat being in the coldest part of the house.
Additionally, I did notice that when the hot water comes on in the morning, I can hear water flowing through the radiator pipes, and it warming up the rad, whilst ht water is on.

Pressure seems ok, around 1.5 bar

Would really appreciate some pointers, thanks in advance.