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    Can I increase the freezing performance with any modifications?

    Hello! Looking for info for my scenario:
    I go salmon and halibut fishing on a 7 day camping trip. I take a 10CUF chest freezer and a generator. In 7 days I freeze 400lbs of fresh fish with the freezer/generator.

    The freezer struggles to keep up with this loading. At the end of the trip the freezer is full but some of the fish is only partially frozen. I understand that adding this much fish in this minimal timeframe is difficult for the freezer.

    I want to know if there is any way I can modify the freezer so that the compressor would run continuously, and if this modification would in tern improve the performance of the freezer allowing it to freeze more pounds of fish more solidly in less time ? Or any other modification ideas that might help.

    The particular freezer is a Danby 10CUF chest freezer DCFM289WDD.

    Thanks in advance !

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    Re: Can I increase the freezing performance with any modifications?

    Turn the thermostat up to maximum so the freezer runs continuously. Conventional chest freezers only chill the walls and not the floor so turning your fish every 24 hours is necessary. Create small air pockets for maximum product exposure.
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