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    Finding temperature at Evaporator entrance

    Dear all,

    This is for a theoretical system, which is trying to represent an 'actual' vapour compression cycle.

    I have the pressure, temperature, enthalpy and entropy at stage four of a single stage cycle. Stage four is the stage where refrigerant leaves expansion valve and enters evaporator.

    Is it possible to find the temperature, T4? I know how to use saturation tables, but I think for the evaporator entrance they arn't accurate,, is there any other way of deriving this value? I would love to know.

    I have temps., press., entahlpys and entropys at all other stages of cycle so i assume there is some equation to get T4, in theory any way.
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    Re: Finding temperature at Evaporator entrance

    'in theory' the liquid entering the evap will be at suction pressure temp with the addition of any subcooling

    although when I carry out physical checks when I decide where my inlet probe should go

    I find someone keeps stealing my subcooling

    have been blaming mr flashy gassy but would require a Mad Fridgie or Install Monkey to find the culprit

    R's chillerman
    If the World did not Suck, We would all fall off !

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