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    Refrigeration Calculations

    Hello alo,

    Is it possible to find enthalpys and pressures at various stages around the vapour compression cycle after given the following info.? :

    For Compressor:
    Displacement 2.00 cm^3
    Maximum refrigerant charge 300g
    Free gas volume in compressor 870 cm^3

    Evaporating temperature -30 to 10 C

    Max. condensing temperature continuous (short) 60 to 70 C

    And the Refrigerant: R-134a

    I want a cycle based on a real one to perform calculations on to investigate the cycle's performance, once I have put numbers to performance I will carry out more calculations on optimizing the performance.

    So far I have used this info. to get the enthalpy value 1) going into compressor, 2) coming out into condenser, 3) exiting condenser into expansion device and 4) after exiting expansion device into evaporator. Obviously my results will be rough but they might be useful for estimating changes in the system, such as changes of temperatures and pressures around the system, am I right?

    I obtained the evap and condensing max temps from a data sheet of a BD35F Danfoss Compressor which i am using in my analysis.

    Muchly appreciate all your help

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    Re: Refrigeration Calculations

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