Hi Would any very nice ladies, gents be able to help.

I have been reading a bit on the subject refrigeration just want to check i have a correct understanding as its new to me & as i don't have some one to explain it to me having a full understanding of manuals can be difficult for some one with no training or qualifications.

Just want to check my understanding of the following.

Say a cold store should operating at 5f had TD of 10f
If i was to take the temp of the box & it was say 7f & the evaporator was -7f
Would i be right in thinking due to a pressure drop resulting from low charge or heat not getting to the evaporator the temp has lowered at the evaporator but increased in the box. Would the figures given calculate right for the given situation & am i thinking a long the right lines .

Much appreciated & many thanks for any one taking the time to help.