Hi , I have a aga / williams model HA350 STD / R2 fridge and for some reason the temperature has gone up to 20 degrees I opened the door and there is a long sound of running water ,then for the next few days always the same sound , I presumed for some reason its constantly in defrost mode so then phoned up a parts supplier for a new defrost stat but was told that this model doesnt have one and that its a pcb instead, now then I presume these cost a bomb so I then wondered if my 3 year old some how balanced ontop of two chairs some how prized the door open and change the settings unfortunatly the control buttons seem to have some kind of codes , Does anybody know what these codes mean or how I can get back to the factory settings , or am I barking up the wrong tree and its the pcb or is it the little probe at the bottom of the fridge that i presume detects the temperature in the fridge , wow what a lot of questions sorry but HELLLLPPPPPP