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    R1150 or R23 for cascade?

    Copeland and r1150

    Guys I had a question asked that I dont know the answer to and was hoping some of you industry guys can answer for me.

    The question is a little vague but Im assuming the company asking reached out to Copeland and Copeland told them not to use r1150. Heres the question:

    Why does Copeland consider R1150 to be such a big issue? Would we be better off using R23?,d.aWM

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    Re: R1150 or R23 for cascade?

    Copeland are simply protecting themselves from legal attack due to people using a machine, compressor, in an untested environment.

    In other words, Copeland have not tested that model of compressor with flammable gases and therefore will not provide safety or warranty for it's use with such gases.

    I see nothing wrong with their statement.
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    Re: R1150 or R23 for cascade?

    We have 2 systems running with Copeland compressors on R1150 in 2 stage and R1290 in 1st stage. No problems. We added also some propane to the R1150 stage.
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